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Zena Ladner by Bill Marshall

Yesterday afternoon I went to a playreading at La Mama Theatre, Carlton. Zena Ladner was written by Bill Marshall and directed by Jacob Oberman. It was read by Richard Gyoerffy, Marc E. Laurence, Julia Madotti and Sophie Sardi.

It’s London 1978. Whilst working at an infamous toy shop a young Aussie clown is out of his depth when he’s seduced by an exotic woman. An affair he’ll never forget. . .

Zena Ladner is based on a true story. A romantic-comedy written by Bill Marshall and directed by Jacob Oberman it is full of twists and turns that make for great audience viewing. The plays more serious tone happens in the last act when all is not as it seems. Zena Ladner is a play that reminded me of a Woody Allen offering but it is totally unique. A play worth watching out for at a theatre near you.

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