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Speaking from the Heart by Joan Grant

I speak by email with Jane Lahr, a spiritual person, who was a great friend of Joan Grant. Jane is the daughter of Bert Lahr who played the cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz , 2014 is the seventieth anniversary of this wonderful film. I have a connection to this film in that my daughter first ‘trod the boards’ with a local reparatory group, when she played the role of Dorothy, and  also with Oz being a name we use for our own country of Australia the connection is double; what more lovely song in all the world is there than Somewhere over the Rainbow and also the lesser known song,  Evening Star. Jane Lahr is the editor of The Celtic Quest, An Anthology from Merlin to Van Morrison (Welcome Books)a window into a world of magic, mystery and adventure. It is a beautiful book, richly illustrated, which illustrates the beauty, diversity and craftsmanship of Celtic art – including paintings, drawings, metalwork and photographs. Each image is selected to enhance the literary selection it accompanies. It includes literature drawn from the works of William Butler Yeats, and many more writers and poets.  Structured according to the Celtic lunar calendar, The Celtic Quest is divided into three sections: Song, Sword and Star. Song: reveals the Celt’s deep reverence for nature, Sword: reflects the passage of time, and Star: focuses on the Druidic beliefs in reincarnation, shape-shifting, and shamanic practises. Jane Lahr is the editor of Searching for Mary Magdalene: A Journey through Art and Literature (Welcome Books) and coeditor of the best-selling anthology Love: A Celebration in Art and Literature (Stewart, Tabori and Chang). Continue reading

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