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A Writer’s Notebook

My novel will be in the bookshops towards the end of April, 2016. The manuscript is in the editing process and I’ll receive the structural report in a week. I’m thrilled my publisher is Allen & Unwin. So no work done by me on my as yet, unnamed novel.

I’ve  tossed around several ideas for a new novel. Quite a few of these ideas have been tossed out the window. Today, however I made a start and I’m happy with the half-page prologue. I hope to write a page a day or 1000 words per day. I intend to try!

I found a book of poems recently:  The Best-Loved Poems of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Selected and Introduced  by Caroline Kennedy.

Caroline Kennedy writes:

‘To me, the most meaningful poem in this section is Robert Frost’s  “The Gift Outright”, which the poet recited at my father’s inauguration. By asking Frost to read that day, my father expressed his belief in the power of language and connected the inaugural ceremony to an enduring traditon of using poetry, in a sense, to sanctify and occasion.

‘A snowstorm had blanketed the Capital the night before, but the morning was glistening bright. When Frost stood to read the poem he had written for the occasion, the glare was so strong he couldn’t see the words on the page. He recited “The Gift Outright’’ from memory. The contrast between his age and my father’s youth, the poet’s frailty and the power of his words gave the moment special significance.’

One of the poems in the book is ‘Meanwhile in Massachusetts’ by Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy.  It’s a long poem, and Jackie’s love for her husband shines in every word.  It’s worth a read.

Good writing

Elise x

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