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What Elise Wrote-Joan Marsh


This is the fourth in my series of forgotten women.

Joan Marsh (July 10, 1913 – August 10, 2000), born Nancy Ann Rosher in Porterville, California, and briefly known as Dorothy D. Rosher, was an American film actress. Her father was Charles Rosher, an award-winning cinematographer and a favourite of Mary Pickford.

Promoted by her father, Dorothy Rosher, as she was billed, moved easily into child roles in several of Pickford’s silents.

Luckily for Joan she had a lovely voice and with the introduction of talkies she had no trouble making the transition from silent movies.

Married to and divorced from screenwriter Charles Belden, Marsh largely retired from the screen after her marriage to John D.W. Morrill in late 1943. Her last film was 1944’s ‘Follow the Leader.’


For many years Joan owned and operated a successful stationery business in Los Angeles, Paper Unlimited.

It is always good to read about an actress from any era who went on to have a happy and successful life after they finished working in movies or on the stage. Except for owning and running a bookshop a stationery shop in the 40’s would have been the next best thing and a lovely place to spend time.

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