Gordon Square, London

I have set some of the scenes in my new novel in London in 1921.


One of my characters, recently arrived from Australia is living in a flat in Gordon Square. In the opening scene of one chapter she is walking around taking in the sights of London: The weather was getting better and spring was in full bloom in the parks, the gardens awash with daffodils and bluebells. Later in the story I set several scenes in the park opposite her flat. Another character conveniently lives in a nearby house in Tavistock Square.

This area of London was one I frequently walked through when I lived in London some years ago. I loved the parks and the townhouses and the literary links to the past.


The Square was home to members of the Bloomsbury Group. I found a book written about the group (sadly loaned and lost) in a second hand bookshop in Sydney when I worked in that city. While I knew about the group this book sparked my interest and through the years I have read many books about and by its individual members.


The Bloomsbury Group—or Bloomsbury Set— was an influential group of associated English writers, intellectuals, philosophers and artists, the best known members of which included Virginia Woolf, her sister Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant, John Maynard Keynes, E. M. Forster and Lytton Strachey.

10, Looking out from the Church of Christ the King ...

Looking out from the Church of Christ the King on to Gordon Square.

 Photograph Patrick Comerford, 2011  


My new novel will have a touch of magic about it and of course a lovely garden that is linked to the story.

Have a wonderful week: reading, writing, dreaming.



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3 responses to “Gordon Square, London

  1. Bianca

    Looking forward to the release date of your new novel, Elise. Once again you are drawing your readers in with these little bits of information. Hard to resist..xo


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