Elizabeth Lhuede – Australian Author

Elizabeth Lhuede will be a speaker at the HNSA Conference Swinburne University Hawthorn, Melbourne, September 8-10 Visit our website to purchase tickets:http://hnsa.org.au/conference/buy-tickets/


Elizabeth Lhuede has a PhD in Australian poetry and is the author of two novellas, both contemporary romantic suspense, published with Harlequin Escape under her pen-name, Lizzy Chandler. In 2011, still unpublished but with a manuscript ready to submit, Elizabeth began researching Australian publishers and the books they were publishing, particularly books by Australian women. At the same time, she set about establishing an online social media profile, joining Twitter and creating a personal blog. Online, she came across debates raging over gender bias in the reviewing of books by women in mainstream media. As someone guilty of reading more books by men than women, and having read only a few classic books by Australian women (apart from friends’), Elizabeth was inspired to help counter the gender bias by pledging to devote 2012 to reading and reviewing books by Australian women. A number of book bloggers joined her and soon the Australian Women Writers (AWW) challenge was created, with its own blog to host the challenge, and with a declared mission to support and promote books by Australian women. In its sixth year, the AWW challenge now has a searchable database with links to nearly 4000 reviews of books by Australian women. It also has a Facebook group for AWW participants, a dedicated Goodreads group and, on Twitter, over seven-and-a-half thousand followers and its own hashtag (#aww2017). While overseeing the challenge, Elizabeth attracted the attention of a literary agent and, eventually, a publisher, though not in the genre she was expecting. In 2015, her debut romantic suspense novel, Snowy River Man, an ebook, became the most reviewed romance for the challenge that year, and gained Elizabeth a nomination as “Favourite New Romance Author” for 2015 in the Australian Romance Readers Awards. It has since been published in a print anthology with MIRA.


The HNSA Melbourne Conference will be a fabulous event with authors such as Elizabeth Lhuede presenting.


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