Elise McCune

Elise McCune is an Australian, Melbourne-based international author

Contact details:

Email: elisemccune1@gmail.com



Born in New South Wales, Australia,  I moved to Perth, Western Australia where I raised my two children. I now live in Melbourne.

In 2016 I graduated from the  University of Iowa’s online International Writing Program on fiction writing, centered on female authorial voices and female literary characters.

Castle of Dreams, published by Allen & Unwin is a poignant, luminous novel about two sisters, about a mother and daughter, a loved granddaughter, the past that separates them and the healing that comes with forgiveness.

With the castle setting and family secrets the novel fits into the gothic genre, but ironically sans the cold and dark of the customary gothic, swapping it instead for tropical rain forest setting. Elise has given us a novel of rare beauty that matches that of the exquisite forest setting.  Paula Xiberras, Tasmanian Times 


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