What Elise Wrote-The Doomsday Vault

I knew about this but when I came across this video I thought I would share it as a post on my blog.

For all my writer friends (Morgan perhaps?) I can see a novel and a film being made about the vault; perhaps rogue nations trying to invade the vault? Endless posibilities . Not sure if it has already been done.

Cheers Elise


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2 responses to “What Elise Wrote-The Doomsday Vault

  1. It’s both reassuring and terrifying at the same time. Reassuring to know the seeds are there should they be required but terrifying to think some dire or apocalyptic event will necessitate their use. Plenty of drama there. I believe Syria has recently called for seeds.


    • Thanks for your comment Diana. I should imagine Syria would have some
      beautiful flowers and trees. I am researching a new novel and my
      protagonist is a botanist so I was very interested to read this article.


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