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A Writer’s Notebook

Hi Everyone,

I have been taking a break to finish a novel and it will be another month before I start to blog each Sunday.

Hello Patricia Arts,

Lovely to know you enjoy reading my blog. Marianne (Petal) and I had lunch at the Westin in Melbourne this week and she mentioned you were wondering why I’d suddenly stopped blogging. The good news is I’ve been asked to submit my finished manuscript to a world-wide publisher and while nothing is promised I’ve been working to make my story the best it can be.

My novel, when finished will be one I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading. Set in two time periods, WW2 and contemporary, with a mystery at its heart it is a story about family secrets, timeless mysteries, love and how the past impacts on the present.

The thing I am have difficulty with is trying to decide on a title. I have a working title, which is fine, but when I Googled it there were too many novels with the same title. Not what I want. Other than the mixups that can occur when people are searching for your book I’d prefer the title of my novel to be unique.

Good writing to all the writers who follow my blog and to all who love the literary world . . . keep reading.

Elise x


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