My Writing Journey

A busy week with three days away from my computer! This was a time to think and reflect on my WIP (work-in-progress). I decided to approach writing a particular chapter in a different way. It was by serendipity that I came across a story that will suit my own story very well. It will impart the same information but in a very different way. I was given a gift. This is one of the last chapters I have to write to finish my WIP. Of course as all writers do I have a story mulling around in my head for my next novel. The siren song of another story is often what waylays a writer but I will ignore my protagonist for the moment. I have visited the grave of the woman I am going to write about and I have a few pebbles from her grave, which is a very old one, on my writing desk.  I definitely felt a connection to her.  Her life was a sad one but also one that was, at times, full of hope. I have a rule that I don’t discuss my writing in any depth before I have finished the last line but I can say that it is a fabulous story.  I hope you enjoyed my previous post this morning. Oleg Oprisco is a photographer who has a soaring imagination. His photos encapsulate all the things I love: fantasy, a fairy tale and mythical element, and there lingers in his photographs something of his imagination and vision.  I have given the link at the bottom of my previous post to his Facebook page and website. ENJOY! Have a good writing week and thanks for being in touch, I have made wonderful friends through  this Blog,

Best, Elise

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