My Writing Journey

I have made progress this week with my WIP (work-in-progress). I have edited six chapters and solved a few problems. I knew my story but sometimes it’s hard to fit the pieces of a plot together. I wrote a new outline (not that much different from the original one) some months ago and tossed ideas around and finally got my fingers typing. For me I have to start my day writing. I rise early by inclination and habit on even the coldest mornings. This morning I was working by 7.30. Having had breakfast I treat myself to a cup of coffee only when all the basic morning chores are finished. A bribe you might call it…I call it a reward! I still have to decide how to write one particular chapter; from either a male or female protagonist point of view. I have written one chapter from the male point of view and feel it has turned out okay but to set a scene in a war zone might be more difficult for me to write. I won’t have to make that decision for a couple of weeks.

On saving words: I have a file with 16,000 words of ‘might be able to use’ scenes, paragraphs, or sentences. I don’t waste a word. I save everything I write!

From The Road of a Naturalist, by Donald Culross Peattie, published in 1948.

It was then that I discovered that the desert dandelions and Mojave asters and many other flowers close up at night. And other flora, nocturnal, steals into bloom. All day long one lax and weedy plant had looked dead, its flowers withered. But by twilight this wild four-o-clock secretly opened its rose-pink calyces and emitted a faint odour.

The West is a kingdom of evening primroses; though I knew many species, still I was unprepared for the dune primrose I found in the desert dusks. Its crepuscular flowers are like as those of a wild rose when they open, but insubstantial as spider floss, great moth like petals languidly expanding as if still oppressed with the long siesta of the day.

Naturalist  is a favourite book of mine. I read a page or two when I feel the need to be absorbed by this quiet American voice that speaks so eloquently of nature’s beauty.

Have a good writing week, Elise

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  1. Natalie-Ann

    Happy that your writing is progressing along nicely. I can relate to your 16,000 of might be able to use words! This is how I write essays for uni. Sometimes I think I will never organise my thoughts, and wish to be a more linear thinker, but then somehow it magically comes together at the very end. xo


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