Fairytale or Fairy Tale


I was asked recently how to write fairy tale, should it be two words or is fairytale the way to go. I must admit I like fairy tale but could easily be swayed to fairytale. They are both acceptable as nouns, although if you want an adjective it would be fairy-tale or fairytale (eg a fairy-tale/fairytale romance). Both forms are given in the WR Dictionary (= Concise Oxford Dictionary).


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3 responses to “Fairytale or Fairy Tale

  1. I’ve also seen it both ways, but I like two words better as a noun, and one word as an adjective.


    • Elise McCune

      Thanks for your comment. Great idea to use it both ways (not is the same article). I’ll take a look at your blog as anything to do with fairytales interests me, best, Elise

      Just had a look at your blog and its great. Perfect as one of my grandchildren is of the age for me to share it with her. I’m now a follower of your fairytale blog.


      • Elise, Yeah!! A new friend!! I always follow my fairy tale lovers. I’m delighted to think my stories are reaching kids. That’s my intended audience. It quite surprised me that so many adults like my stories, too, but I guess I’m not the only adult who’s a kid at heart. I’ll come see you, too, and try to get to know you better. Cheers, Brenda


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