My Writing Journey

On Friday I printed all the chapters of my WIP (Work-in-Progress) and today (Monday morning here in Australia) I will work on placing the chapters in order. I find it helpful when a WIP is nearly finished to do this and I work on the hard copy for a few days. Due to Christmas celebrations and family commitments I have pushed the completion date for my novel forward to the end of February.

I want to share a description of E. M. Forster’s library broadcast on the BBC: ‘You are soon in my library and soon out of it, for most of the books in my library are contained in a single room. I keep some more of them in a bedroom and in a little sitting-room and a bathroom cupboard, but most of them are in what we politely term the library. This is a commodious apartment – twenty-four feet by eighteen – and a very pleasant one. The ceiling is high, the paint white, the wallpaper ribboned-white, and the sun, when it shines, does so through lofty windows of early Victorian-Gothic.’

I can imagine this room with drifting white curtains at the windows,  a  pile of blank writing paper ready for use, and  E. M. Forster taking a fountain pen from the  top pocket of his suit coat.

Have a good writing week, Elise


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2 responses to “My Writing Journey

  1. I love the description of the broadcast. The white curtains remind me of that scene in the Great Gatsby. As someone with a literary blog, I really love those broadcasts.


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