New Year 2014

My  previous post (photographs of New York, wartime 1941 turns to 1942) shows images of the era my WIP is set in. The reference to booze is one that I was concerned about. It is a downloaded post (as referenced) and I did not change it. The reason for my concern is the alcohol related violence among young people here in Australia. Young men are being king-hit in the streets for no reason and left dead or dying or damaged for life. Other young men are arrested for attempted murder or murder. Many lives are destroyed by  alcohol. Like most things in life moderation is the key. A glass or two of wine or a rum and coke is not a problem in most cases. Education and the influence of a home environment where alcohol is not taken in excessive amounts can help. Let’s get behind our children and young people and help them by education both at home and in the general community. So many lives lost and destroyed for no reason at all.


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2 responses to “New Year 2014

  1. Natalie-Ann

    I agree. It is sad that it has become normal and expected for young people to binge drink in order to enjoy their night out. It is detrimental for their health and it is making it unsafe for everyone to go out at night due to the often random violence. Teaching children about moderation and balance in their lives, and modelling that behaviour to them is definitely the key. Plus getting children involved in healthy activities such as sports and the arts also helps to provide them with a hobby and to choose positive friendships.


  2. Elise McCune

    Thanks Natalie-Ann
    It is a very considered and thoughtful response,
    Best, Elise


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