My Writing Journey

As promised the next verse of The Song of Wandering Aengus  by William Butler Yeates:

When I had laid it on the floor I went to blow the fire a-flame,

But something rustled on the floor,

And some one called me by my name:

It had become a glimmering girl

With apple blossom in her hair

Who called me by my name and ran

And faded through the brightening air.

Aengus, patron diety of young women and men,  was the Celtic god of love, beauty  and of youth. His words were as sweet as honey, attracting bees and birds. He fell deeply in love with a beautiful girl he saw in a dream and passed through many trials, including turning himself into a swan, to win her love. The poet William Butler Yeats immortalised his search in  The Song of Wandering Aengus, a song based on the Celtic folktale.

Next week I will give you the last verse of the song and I will write why the song is one of enchantment for me.

This past week has been busy with Christmas celebrations. I did not write a new chapter for my WIP as I had planned, instead I edited and  researched earlier chapters. I also decided to write a short story about an interesting true life happening that I read about some years ago. I might not love the story enough to write a novel about it! If the short story is all I hope it will be I will then decide if I want to develop it further. I won’t discuss it as I find other people’s opinions can sometimes influence a writer’s perception of a story in the early writing stage.  This coming week is also a busy one with New Year’s celebrations. I will endevour to write the new chapter of my WIP.  It’s the last chapter (with a few chapters in the middle to write) and I can’t wait to read it when it’s finished! I am more than happy to email you privately if you have any questions regarding writing that I don’t cover in my blog. I always answer comments and have been in touch by email with people who have written to me, it’s great to correspond with people from all over the world.   Every happiness for the New Year to you and your loved ones and I wish you lots of good writing, best, Elise



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  1. Wow. Interesting!! Keep writing!!!

    I hope you have a beautiful day.


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