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My Writing Journey

I’m writing this knowing I won’t be up early in the morning to finish my seven pages for the week. Life has a way of intruding and with the best will in the world sometimes we don’t complete what we set out to do. My excuse is research, writer’s group, minding children, travelling long distances, and reading. The last in no way connected to my new novel! This said I did make progress with four pages written. I am setting my novel in two historical time periods so the necessary research makes writing a page more like writing ten. I’m not sure if I will try to catch up next week or just do my seven pages. Writing is fun and rewarding but also slow going at times. I have a battle scene (where I will not say!) and the research is time consuming. I wrote this scene in a short-hand type of way and will return to it when I dwell on the images in my mind during the coming week. I am getting to know my characters now, one had a name change but the other main characters have so far managed to keep their original names. I know of some authors who call their characters Tom, Dick or Harry in the first draft and change them later but this would not work for me. Have a great writing week and keep perserving no matter the desire to throw it all out the window,
Cheers Elise

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tolerance samuel greenberg =sun gazing

Tolerance: Samuel Greenberg, Sun Gazing

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Woman at Typewriter

Secretary typing

Those were the days!

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Downton Abbey


I watch Downton Abbey!

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March 2, 2013 · 5:19 pm