My Writing Journey

Last Sunday, when I finished the outline for my new novel, I decided to write a page a day. I wrote on all days except one. On the day I didn’t write I researched historical details and edited what I’d already written. It’s a way to stay connected with your WIP during the times you may not be able to write. I’ve now written about three thousand words which is more than a page a day. It was hard work as I started with chapter one (finished) and wrote from a child’s pov (I’ve never written from a child’s pov before). I’ve put this first draft chapter aside and won’t re-visit to edit until I’ve finished the first draft of the novel. Although in saying that sometimes you need to change a small detail in a later chapter that impacts on an earlier chapter so it’s essential you go back and change those details immediately. I’m finding with an outline I can let go of trying to work out character, plot, settings etc I can concentrate on the writing. I haven’t researched every detail (research is a long piece of string) because I might not need to use it and that means precious writing time wasted. If I need to know what a certain street looks like I can research it when I need the information. The reason: I might find I don’t need my characters to live/work in that particular street. I might decide to move them to the other side of the country! I hope your writing is on track. Write everyday (even a few lines or connect to your WIP in some way), never give up, talk to like-minded writer friends, make writing one of the priorities in your life. Have a good writing week, thanks for your support and interest, cheers Elise

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