My Writing Journey

Since last week I have been working on the outline of my new novel each day. Glad to say that by tomorrow it will be finished. Sorting out plot details before I start to write means I’ll finish my novel sooner (hopefully!). There will be about 10,000 words in the outline. A particulary difficult problem with one of my characters was sorted out yesterday so I feel rather good (read smug). I have a literary friend who knows the plot (a closely guarded secret), but I couldn’t work out how one of my characters makes a decision that changes his whole life and the lives of those around him. I had thought of all kinds of solutions (except sending him to the moon!) until my friend came up with the idea that solved the problem and my plot fell into place. It was not a technical problem but one in the field that he is an expert in. I told my friend he has a particulary devious mind! Many thanks to him. There is another twist in the plot that I’m confident I’ll sort out today/tomorrow. But as with all good plots it just takes time. Don’t forget that while you are outlining (either on butcher’s paper or computer or notebook) you are working on your manuscript. And I know the joy I’ll feel when I write that important first sentence. Good writing for the next week to everyone,

Cheers Elise

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