Bianca’s Visit to the City

This is part of an email I received last week from my dear friend Bianca. I felt I was on the journey with her.

‘I had a lovely day with a friend in the city (Sydney, NSW) today. First we had a coffee at QVB to give us energy for the days adventures. We walked down to Bridge Street where we stopped at The Sydney Museum to see an exhibition of Margaret Olley called ‘Home, Interiors at Duxford Street’. What an experience and insight into an incredible artist’s philosophy of life and creative imagery. The richness and clarity of colour and intimate detail of each object lovingly captured in her unique style invited me in and I am in complete awe of her works. As I had never been to the museum before, my friend who is a very frequent visitor, showed me around all the different historical and archaeological features which are in situ and can be viewed through plate glass under the museum building, plus all the current but regularly changing exhibitions of Sydney from its beginnings to the present day, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I felt very uplifted in spirit and lighter in step as we left the museum. Afterwards we walked to Circular Quay and had afternoon tea and then I caught the train to Central, linked up with my daughter to travel home.’

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