My Writing Journey

The last two weeks I spent in a house by the bay. I was meant to use this time to finish the outline of my novel. I did not. Still on track to finish by the end of the month. Today, as well as working on my outline, I will plan my writing month of February. With the outline finished I will have to make sure I start writing. There is no need to write linear chapters because with an outline you can, for instance, write chapter 4 before chapter 2. You can work on any chapter at all. I will put time aside to exercise, visit friends, go to movies and of course I will blog every Sunday morning. I don’t watch a lot of television but will enjoy a few shows each week. I read every night. I intend to have my day planned out the night before. In fact all I am doing is writing an old-fashioned list! The first thing to go has been my habit of watching the morning news on television. I’ll have my breakfast the old-fashioned way, at the table, and look out my picture window, much more relaxing! In a weeks time I’ll let you know how my plan is working and the progress I am making,

Cheers Elise

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