Bob Dylan Cat

bob dylan cat

I am minding a Burmese family cat for a few weeks so my mind is on cats, hence the picture above of Bob and his cat. The cat that has come to stay is called Sparky and he is limping on his front right foot due to a torn tendon. The vet said to avoid an operation he has to stay indoors. Not a happy cat but adjusting to hs new life. I take him outside each day and let him look around his temporary garden. Next week I’ll post if going home is an option. At his own home there is a little scruffy dog that he plays rough and tumble with which is not condusive to healing a torn tendon!


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2 responses to “Bob Dylan Cat

  1. Natalie-Ann

    Hope Sparky had a full recovery. I own a black cat named Midnight who is four years old now. His name was inspired by the children’s book John Brown, Rose and the Midnight cat. I was always a dog person, but Midnight has definitely stolen my heart. 🙂


    • Elise McCune

      Midnight sounds wonderful! Yes Sparky is fine…he is great friends with Milou the long legged but small size (not too small) fluffy white dog…have a great day…x


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