My Writing Journey

I am still working on the outline of my WIP. It’s amazing how many ideas have been tossed out! Hopefully it will save me time when I start writing to have a lodestar to follow. It’s more fun than I thought and I’ll keep at it until it’s finished. I have outlined other books in the past but not to this extent and I’m pleased with the results so far. Other than outlining I’ve been reading books from the era (and a few lines from books not of the era!). Lots of research to do but now at least I won’t be wasting time on research that is wasted because of a discarded idea. And serindipity happens. I will tell you in a future blog about something that happened by accident that has led me to someone who knows much about the area and period I am writing about. I will be meeting her for the first time the week after next. Good writing for the next week…cheers Elise

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