My Writing Journey

Yesterday I finished the last draft of my WW2 novel. I am very pleased and during the next few weeks I will decide where it will find a home. I loved writing this story and as I mentioned previously the idea for a new story has now gripped me…I had written a piece in this novel about music…at one stage music was going to be an important part of the story…as is the way with writing things changed along the way and music became less important to the plot…then I came in contact with a learned scholar of music and after discussing my WW2 story with him I decided to take out the main reference to music and save it (rather like a squirrel hides away nuts for winter) for my next novel…I emailed some of what I had written about music to this person and he kindly printed it out and made concise notes for me to follow…(I don’t play any instrument although I love and appreciate music)…mysterious and beautiful words that I will now use in my new book…perhaps even use some as a motif for the story…I have lots of research to do…I love writing…it’s like a giant puzzle that suddenly (well not always) falls into place…have a good writing week…cheers Elise


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2 responses to “My Writing Journey

  1. Hi Elise. I found you through the Rom Aus loop. Hope you find the right home for your manuscript. You’ve piqued my interest with you descriptions of the next story. If you need a beta, keep me and mind…


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