My Writing Journey

Have now finished editing my WIP hard copy. I’m on to the last computer read through and it’s amazing what I have found to change…some small…some a bit more involved…I have also spotted a spelling error which considering it was a French word I have an excuse… well not really as it should not have slipped through…I will finish the final edit this week and then will decide where to send the finished manuscript or perhaps even upload it on Amazon as an ebook…my new novel is demanding to be started but I have resisted except for some writing I did a few months ago…a few of the characters are coming to life but I intend to research and outline before I write another word!…I love the research involved in starting a novel…not so keen on the outlining….but I do realise it is going to save me time in the long run…I am fortunate to have a couple of close friends who I talk ‘work’ with and get good feedback from..although I tend not to share the story of my current WIP so the discussions are of a more general nature…have a good writing week…cheers Elise

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