My Writing Journey

Have had a busy with with visiting relatives… I have nearly finished editing my WIP and transferring the corrections to the computer copy…I am enjoying the process but will be sooooo glad to finish and start work on my new novel…I will not be discussing the story line except to say that it will be set in Australia during WW2 in a magical, wondrous place…an unusual aspect of the story will a strange and compelling fact about music that not many people, other than musicians, know about. And as tends to happen in my life I have met the perfect person to help me research this part of the novel…he is an expert in his field of music and both composes and plays music…I haven’t decided yet if the story will be set in two different periods…if I do the other period will be early 20th century, a period when the old (Victorian) is giving way to the new…the world is about to be embroiled in the Great War…a time, when as in WW2 a whole generation of young people marched out the door and never came home again…I am fascinated by the influence of the past on the present…so a time split novel is a very much a possibility…this gestation period is great…an excuse to read lots of books and watch movies about the period I am researching…I will also return to a non-fiction book that has been waiting impatiently in the wings…it’s about my own journey with heart surgery…I needed an interesting slant for this book that is different from other books I have read before on heart surgery…I found it!….a writer’s life is never dull…have a good writing week…cheers Elise

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