My Writing Journey

I printed out my manuscript this week to edit. I’m about halfway through and it’s amazing the things that I have picked up. A few typos that my eyes have slid over for months, a chapter or two that I might move around, and here and there the substitution of a better word. During the next few weeks I will work on transferring all the corrections to the computor copy of my manuscript and hopefully have a clean copy at the end. I have spent far too much time on this novel and with my new story calling out to be heard (and eventually written) I’ve decided to have a proper outline ready before I start writing. I had one for the present novel but it veered off on tangents…too many tangents! I found ideas from all sorts of places and tried to incorporate them all in my story! Less I have discovered is truly more…it’s fun though…I have a great need to write and the joy it gives me is great. The only way to be a writer is to write so have a good writing week and thanks to all the people who are following my blog. I hope to make it interesting, fun and informative, Cheers Elise.

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