My Writing Journey

I have been editing my WW2 novel this week. It has taken longer than I thought, (writers will understand) but I am pleased with the progress I have made. Still have until Sunday to finish (as I committed to do) but think I might have to stay up until midnight each night to reach my goal. However, without that committment I wouldn’t have achieved what I have. I’ll keep you informed. I might even post a few lines from the novel. I only discuss my work with a few trusted and astute writer friends but a few lines would give you a feel about my writing. I really will have to think about if I should post those few lines. Do other writers feel the same as I do?

Good writing


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2 responses to “My Writing Journey

  1. My advice is… post the lines! It will help generate interest. Good luck!


    • Elise McCune

      Thanks for your comment. Your thoughts have made it an easy decision. I’ll post the few lines (or maybe more) on Sunday. Thanks again…


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