Elise McCune


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  1. Mrs Disney

    Hi mum!

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  2. Love your blog!!! I nominated you for the Inspirational Blogger Award! Here is the link to see how everything works:


  3. Lesley Cheatham

    Lesley Cheatham
    Great Blog, very inspirational and informative I look forward to reading more of your book and hope the TV Doco gets up.


  4. Ali

    Finally got to your blog after running into you at the florist/bookshop in Seaford! Love the book fashion.


  5. What a lot of fun projects! I love this dress in your blog background with the book pages as part of the skirt. Are they part of the bodice, too? I’m guessing yes, although with my screen resolution, I am not sure. I hope your writing goes well!! Warmly, Brenda


  6. Evelyn

    Loved your book Castle of Dreams.i know your characters are fictitious but I had a chuckle at Big Bill Edwards a very real charter knew him when I was a child. He moved in the same circle as my parents. Looking fordward to reading more of your books.


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