You can read E books on your PC by downloading Amazon Kindle for free.  I have thought of self publishing and it is an option for the future. As a commercial, independent self-publisher I would have to meet industry standards. This means investing in a professional editor and book design services. I would need a marketing plan and a publicity plan. I hope my books would then be placed in bookshops and on-line for sale as both print books and E books. The Internet is wonderful for writers who would normally have dusty manuscripts hidden away in their bottom drawer and can now sell their books direct to customers on Amazon or other sites.  As  writers we  have to be aware that our finished manuscript should be the best we can make it. It takes time and effort but the rewards are self-satisfaction and a genuine desire to improve our writing with each book we write. Some people are blessed with an inate ability to write while  others have to try harder. But I can assure you writing is like anything else, it becomes easier with practise. The more you write the better writer you will become. Now I’m off to have my breakfast and feed Sparky the cat.

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